Order of Purchase

PRIORITY ITEMS, in order of purchase

    1. Forage Cap
    2. Fatigue blouse OR mounted services jacket
    3. Mounted Pattern Trousers OR Foot pattern trousers.
    4. U.S. Issue shirt OR Proper civilian shirt
    5. U.S. issue sword belt with U.S. Eagle belt plate.
    6. M1860 .44 cal Colt pistol and holster
    7. M1840 heavy cavalry sabre OR M1860 light cavalry sabre
    8. M1859 McClellan saddle and proper saddle blanket. (Plain dark blue, gray or brown wool blankets acceptable). The most expensive part of the kit, but one of the most essential to a good impression. We allow Model 1904 McClellans rerigged to look like Model 1859s, as a temporary substitute. However these are not be allowed at “authentic” events.
    9. U.S. issue halter and lead strap
    10. U.S. issue bridle and bit
    11. Haversack, black tarred cotton or plain white cotton
    12. Canteen, M1858 smoothside
    13. Tin cup OR coffee boiler
    14. Wool blanket (U.S. issue; plain brown, gray or dark blue wool acceptable)

SECOND PRIORITY, in order of purchase

    1. Carbine—Smith, Sharps or Burnside.
    2. Carbine sling
    3. Carbine cartridge box
    4. Cap box
    5. Shelter half, one half per person
    6. Rubberized poncho or gum blanket

    Recommended Order of Purchase

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    You may also download the PDF file "Hints to Campaigners", a set of tips originally published in the United States Army and Navy Journal and edited in 2004 by Mark D. Jaeger.