Join the Cavalry!

"Front in to Line" at a battle reenactment
Photo © 2005 by Freedom Mobile Photography

There are many reasons to join up. Some of us enjoy expanding the boundaries of what we can do with our horses. We find that by training as a group, both horses and their riders learn much faster—and accomplish much more—than is possible individually. In fact, we firmly believe that horses actually enjoy drilling with other horses, and this is one reason they perform better in a group than alone.

The biggest reason we do this is, it’s FUN—we think it’s the most fun you can have on a horse! Using weapons from horseback is a blast—and so is jumping a fence in formation, vaulting off a horse to take a “hit” on the battlefield, or going out on a night patrol.

Some of us want to learn the skills of the cavalryman—mounted drill; using sabre, pistol and carbine from horseback; caring for our horses “on the march;” or living out of our saddlebags. Some enjoy Civil War history, and want to keep a historic tradition alive. Others had ancestors that fought in the Civil War. 

With many activities and historic roles to choose from, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Possible roles for members of the 10th NY Cavalry include farrier, saddler, teamster, musician, bugler, chaplain, and veterinary surgeon. Those wishing to do civilian impressions are also welcome to join. Youth members over age 14 may participate in battle reenactments with their parents’ permission and an adult sponsor.

How to Join

Once you’ve decided to join, you will need to become a member of the Northwest Civil War Council (annual dues are $15 individual, $30 family). You will need to fill out a membership form for the NCWC. The membership form and a check for dues need to be mailed to the 10th NY’s recruiting officer, who then signs the form and turns it over to the NCWC. You will then receive newsletters and a membership card that entitles you to free admission at all NCWC events, and also certifies that you are covered under the NCWC’s liability insurance.

We recommend that you attend one of our trainings or a public event to check things out. Email the recruiting officer to confirm dates and locations of trainings. Also see our Training Calendar for directions to our trainings.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions and so we can get to know you!