Training Calendar

In column of twos at a trainingMonthly training sessions (drills) are typically held on the second Saturday of each month throughout the fall, winter and spring. Summer sessions are held at reenactments.

Drills are held at Stoneybrook Stable in Estacada, Oregon. There is a $5 haul-in fee per horse and a $10 group lesson fee (for non 10th NY members) if you attend the group riding lesson in the morning. Drills begin with group lessons in the large indoor arena, divided into beginner rider/green horse and intermediate/experienced rider sessions. There is then a short break followed by outside drill time to work on gunfire training, more drill or safety testing.

Contact our Unit Commander for details and to confirm drill dates. See the NCWC calendar for details about our reenactment schedule.

Photo © 2006 Jerry Gowins


Directions to the drill site:

From I-205, take Exit 12 and head east on Hwy 212/224.
Proceed 3.1 miles and turn right at the Y intersection onto Hwy 224.
Proceed 8.1 miles and turn left onto the driveway (the road will fork again at Carver- stay on Hwy 224, which is the left branch).
Go through the iron gate and park cars by the barn and trailers on the circle.
Some landmarks: the driveway (on the left) is approximately one mile past Barton Feed- a large red barn on the right side. There is a small yellow "Stoneybrook Stable" sign on the ground at the driveway.
The address is:
26595 SE Hwy 224
Eagle Creek, OR 97022